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"Fiore is a thoughtful, kind, generous person.  Those qualities came through in all of our interactions.  He did a great job of taking the stress out of an unbelievably stressful life experience - selling our house.  Great feedback and guidance.  In hindsight, I appreciate even more his prudence.  Nothing was ever in crisis!  Put us at ease.  Spoiled us.  His inclusivity is remarkable.  Windermere might consider having him mentor rookies.  As a teacher who graded toughly, he earned a 4.0 with the highest efforts score I could give."

Leo & Karen

"Fiore was amazing to work with.  He has a positive attitude, is very attentive to his clients, and obviously commands an incredible grasp of the real estate industry.  He is a fantastic negotiator and comes up with creative ideas that can tip offers over the edge.  I really think we would not have gotten the house we won (we won on our first offer we wrote!) without his attention, determination, effort, and negotiation.  He really goes above and beyond and my partner and I are super pleased we worked with him.  We would absolutely recommend Fiore."

Leah & Ben

"Thank you for the wonderful presentation.  You and your client Gayle were amazing people.  You were graceful and elegant and that must be rare in real estate.  We are so grateful to have met you."

Rashaan & Paul

"We switched from an agent from another company and we could not be happier.  From the beginning, Fiore has been knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and hardworking.  Most importantly, we never felt forced into a decision; he helped guide us, but if we were not satisfied with a house, we moved on to the next one.  I really felt that he didn't just want to sell us a house but that he wanted to find the right house for us, and he did."

Holly & Tim

"Fiore is first-rate.  Fiore Pignataro gives real estate agents a good name.  He's very trustworthy and genuine; he really wants what's best for you, rather than what's best for his pocketbook.  He handled both the sale of our prior home and the purchase of our new home, and stayed with both transactions until well after closing to make sure things were going swimmingly.  Couldn't have asked for more thorough service and prompt, clear communication."

Mike & Cary

"Such a pleasure to work with you again, Fiore.  Extremely smooth process because of you!  I can assure you that we are all very happy with the outcome.  Thanks so much!"

Kimberly & Jason

"Fiore is thoughtful and had our best interests at heart throughout the entire process.  He is genuine and truly vested in his clients.  Very professional, good follow up, and I will definitely recommend him."

Sandra & David

"Professional, detail-oriented, and passionately driven for positive results."


"It was simply a pleasure and a relief to work with you.  We both completely trusted your guidance and felt you could manage it all without a lot of worry on our part.  We will certainly guide people who need help toward you!"

Mary & Chris

"Your attentiveness, thoroughness, and patience made all the difference to me."


"Thanks SO much, Fiore.  Your enthusiasm and expertise got us through a tricky market for first-time buyers, and we ended up with a great result we're super excited about."

Matt & Laura

"You persisted until you located the blockage in the mortgage system.  Then you kept the pressure on by asking questions.  Without your persistent and patient probing of the system, the problem would have found it's way to the "things happen" bone pile.  You should feel quite proud.  We are proud of you and thank you for what you did."

Verle & Ingrid

"Hey, Fiore!  It's been great - almost too good to be true.  I think you understand how awesome this property is!  Understanding how lucky I feel probably comes naturally to you."


"Thanks, Fiore!  You have been instrumental to my success.  I've learned a lot with you and am having fun along the way - no other buyer said that yesterday at my buyers class."


"Fiore, thank you for meeting with me this morning.  Pete said you were an awesome, down-to-earth, honest good guy, and you totally are.  I really appreciate your patience in exploring options with me.  Your insight is so helpful and critical to informing some of the decisions I make."


"I have loved working with you.  I felt supported and reassured throughout the process.  You are the best!"


"Fiore demonstrated excellent patience and professionalism during our search for a perfect home.  He even went the extra mile and drove to our then-residence on the night of a snowstorm so we could sign our modified offer, which eventually helped up secure our beautiful home!"

Terence & Cindy

"Everything Fiore did exceeded my expectations because he was always polite and patient with us during the process.  Fiore is just really nice and helpful.  A good agent."